A shipper of all

Hello, I'm an Australian animator with a passion for cats and the colour orange.

Gender Neutral pronouns: they,them, their

Commissions: OPEN :D

Message from Past me to Future me for when I'm sad





I wanna stick him in my pocket and take him home~ /)*///w///*(\~<3

He’s so sassy~

'Handsome Sassy McDouche Face'

Uncle Tanzafio is pre badass but I feel like the text doesn’t do the picture justice

There we go~

One more thing:

… I dunno this just seemed like something Jack would say. (Cuz they’re both dweebs)

I have dubbed this guy 'Handsome McDouche face'

(Also he does alot of really nice poses)

Wow. Try saying that 3 times really fast @~@”

I dunno why but this panel made me giggle quite abit

So I download some of the Spirou and Fantasio comics and the first one I read has little smurf Spirous……

…….. they’re actually kind of cute