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Hello, I'm an Australian animator with a passion for cats and the colour orange.

Gender Neutral pronouns: they,them, their

Commissions: OPEN :D

Message from Past me to Future me for when I'm sad


If anyone has anymore ink suggestions then feel free to invade my askbox cuz I’m going to sleep now~

Draw Gaston Lagaffe? I dunno if you need characters with lot of black on them or something for ink practise but maybe draw his cat?

How about Gaston’s cat in a Gaston sweater?? :3c


This was fun to draw~

(I messed up the eye thou :U)

The cast of Steven Universe or Bee and PuppyCat would be cute.

Why not both? (kind of)


Lord Hater or Shark King, I forget his name, King Awesome? :O

New headcanon: Shark King is Emperor Awesome’s disco loving ‘ladie’s man’ dad


Ink art suggestions

I need to practice this shit so leave some suggestions…. preferably fandom ones (if you don’t know if I’m in a fandom then just ask)

I’ve been without traditional ink for too long. Everything I ink comes out terrible :U (But I’m practicing so I’ll get better…. eventually)




Fucking Watch this you fucking jackasses. This is JonTron and his response to all the fucking bullshit everyone has been accusing him of. I get so fucking pissed off at all these posts pointing at him and screeching about how awful he is or some shit.

Fuck you. He outright admits he is fallible, and goes on to talk about this shit. He is not Femminist, he is Humanist, like I am. That means he wants equality for everyone regardless of any factor. But he thinks that some of these movements have gone too far off the deep end, which they have.

He’s a no-bullshit kind of guy, and all this stuff has been pretty bullshit for a while now. So, would you kindly stop posting shit about how he’s digging his own grave or how his career is ruined because someone misinterpreted what he meant.

I heard only a little about the whole JonTron drama that happened around but HOLY SHIT

What they just said is what i always wanted to say/write around about the internet and just didn’t know how to put it into words (in English at least). THIS is why i think Jon is super kawaii sugoi ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

"He is not Femminist, he is Humanist, like I am. That means he wants equality for everyone regardless of any factor."

Uuuum…. but feminism is about equality. It’s about creating an equal environment where noone has to be confined to gendered norms (eg/ women not having to reach a standard for other people or men having to reach a certain level of “manliness”, etc)

If you want equality then you should be a feminist. Also Jon did say he was a feminist so I dunno what you’re talking about him not being a feminist :/

(Also Jon is a doof who makes videos that make me smile and sometimes he says things that are offensive but rather than crowd someone and typing insults why not educate? Just type in why something is offensive then leave it. Hope they improve, if they don’t then you can always unsubscribe.)

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Steven Universe - Steven and the Stevens (Sneak Peek)


guys I’m worried about Pearl

you should be

Are you going to kill my precious Bird Queen? Again?

If Garnet stretching her arm and having a giant hand to protect Steven isn’t a reference to One Piece then I dunno what is